About Us


Leadership Huntsville/Madison County serves as a catalyst in identifying, educating, inspiring, and connecting leaders to better serve our community.


A community of enlightened and engaged leaders.

The Leadership Experience

Leadership programs provide access to community leaders and organizations and while discussing topics as they relate to the community.  Classes include site visits, behind-the-scene tours and interactive programs that provide participants with a better understanding of community issues, greater appreciation of community resources and inspire community engagement. 

In addition, participants discuss servant-leadership principles and apply those theories in community-wide impact projects during their program year.  Topics and themes on program days include:  Economic Base, Judicial/Law Enforcement, Local, State and Federal Governments, History and Growth, Simulated Society, Health & Human Services, Education, and Quality of Life.

Sessions expose participants to a variety of perspectives, illustrating the broad array of economic, political, educational and social factors at work on all community levels.  Established community leaders coordinate each program and help class participants become more educated and more prepared for service to our community.


Message and Benefits

Leadership Huntsville/Madison County identifies proven and emerging leaders across all sectors of our community who have an interest in becoming more engaged. LHMC educates them in-depth about issues in major sectors of our community and how they can impact progress. We inspire them to serve as agents of change throughout the community.

Individual Benefits

  • Professional development and increased access to the leader in you
  • Development of valuable community networking opportunities & meaningful relationships
  • Confidence and motivation to serve as a change agent within the community
  • Access the Alumni Association which offers year-round networking & educational events


Employer Benefits

  • Professional development and enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Increase access to experienced leaders from every major sector of the community
  • Heighten awareness of issues impacting economic development and quality of life
  • Employee retention due to increased community engagement
  • Increased sensitivity to the value of diversity in the workplace


The Leadership Story

Nationwide, the community leadership movement began taking shape in the late 1960s.  By the mid-1980s, there were two programs in Alabama, in Mobile and Birmingham.

In 1987, the Chamber of Commerce Foundation of Huntsville/Madison County created Leadership 2000, chaired by The Huntsville Times publisher, William Cooper Green.  Leadership 2000's purpose was to develop current and future leaders for our community, and its slogan was "The future belongs to those who shape it."

In the 1990s a steering committee began to serve as a board of directors for Leadership 2000, and the Alumni Association was created.  By the mid-1990s, Leadership's first part-time director and dedicated staff was hired.  And as the program grew, the board decided by the late 1990s it was time to hire a full-time director and dedicated assistant.  Growth continued, and the Inside (now Focus) and Youth/Challenge programs were launched.


With the turn of the millennium, Leadership responded to the community's growth and created the Connect and Impact programs.

In 2011, Leadership added Management Academy for affordable, local training of our communities business leaders, and Masters to help seasoned talent develop an active, meaningful retirement.

To ensure our Alumni continue to have access to as many local leaders as possible upon graduating from a LHMC program, the Alumni Association was formed.  Through monthly lunch and learns, service opportunities, quarterly socials, and continued education workshops, LHMC Alumni are able to connect with one another and continue to serve the community even after graduation.  The Alumni Association has over 800 due paying members. 

We believe in a growing, successful community, one program cannot fulfill the original intent of Leadership. To ensure depth and sustainability of leadership throughout the community, additional programs have been developed to broaden our reach and increase the number of leaders we are able to identify, educate, and inspire. We reflect our community's passion to serve by offering programs specific to high school students through retirees.

Today, there are more than 1,500 programs across the U.S. and a national Association of Leadership Professionals. In Alabama alone, there are about 60 programs. Leadership Huntsville/Madison County if the largest (in number of alumni, staff and programs offered) in the State.

Leadership Huntsville/Madison County provides a continuing pipeline of educated and dedicated leaders who function as agents of change, which supports the continued growth and prosperity of our community and region.