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We are proud to be bringing back our Challenge Program which provides emerging and existing youth leaders (entering their 11th or 12th grade year in the 2024-2025 school year) with the tools to develop their individual leadership skills, increase their understanding of our community, and experiment with leadership outside the classroom.

As participants in the program, students will be challenged, encouraged and motivated by interaction with professionals from across many sectors of our community.  


Applications for Challenge 24 can be found here.  Applications close on 4/26/24 and applicants will be notified in May 2024.


Annual seven-month program (6 total program days) designed for emerging leaders in our high schools. Challenge exposes students to leadership and mentorship opportunities across our community and provides the students with the tools necessary to develop individual leadership skills.  Each jam-packed program day will cover different topics in personal, community and business leadership.


Participation & Selection

Challenge recruits emerging leaders from every every high school in Madison County. Class members are selected by a combined committee of Challenge graduates, local leaders and Leadership Greater Huntsville Board Members.

Selection is based on personal integrity, desire to increase community and school involvement, motivation to learn, and the commitment of necessary time and effort to complete the program. A long list of current extracurriculars or achievements is NOT necessary for selection to Challenge Class 24.

Challenge class members are expected to attend all program days and are responsible for verifying the posted dates with their school counselor and teachers and to make up any work missed. Missing more than 1 Program Day will result in not being able to graduate from the Challenge Program.

Challenge Class 24


September 2024 -  April 2025*

September 10, 2024

October 8, 2024

November 5, 2024

January 14, 2025

February 4, 2025

March 4, 2025 - Program Day + Graduation


*Dates have been verified and acknowledged by all 3 Madison County School Districts (Huntsville City Schools, Madison City Schools, Madison County Schools).  Dates will be considered an "excused absence".  It is the responsibility of the student to verify these dates with their School Counselor and teachers and to make up any work missed.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.) Will I (or my child) be expected to provide transportation to/during the Program Days?

Program Days will begin at a pre-determined location within the Huntsville/Madison Area. Locations will be shared (along with a full agenda) one week prior to Program Days. Students and/or parents are expected to provide transportation to and from the location.  However, if travel is required DURING the program day, LGH will provide the necessary transportation.

If transportation is an issue, please reach out to Program Director, Kayla Clark at  Every effort will be made to accommodate transportation issues and this will not affect yours (or your child's) application.


2.) Is there a fee for Challenge Class 24?

We are very happy to say that at this time, there is no charge to apply for or participate in Challenge Class 24!


3.) How long will Program Days be? 

Program Days will take place during regular school hours: 8:30am - 2:45pm. 


4.) If the Program Days take place during school hours, will food be provided?

We will provide breakfast and lunch during Program Days.  We will also provide small snacks throughout the day. We will do our best to accommodate for all food sensitivities and allergies. 


5) The application includes questions about current extracurricular activities and awards.  What if I (or my child) do not participate in any extracurriculars or have not received any awards?  Am I still eligible for Challenge Class 24? 

YES! We will consider all students during the selection process, regardless of past participation or achievements so long as they have a desire to grow and develop as a leader.  

Our application also contains essay questions that require deep thought.  These essay questions will be weighted heavily during the selection process. Take your time to answer thoroughly and thoughtfully.  


6) I (or my child) have submitted my application, what's next?

We will close our application portal on 4/26/24.  Once the portal is closed, we will compile and review all applications during the first week of May 2024.  Students will be notified of their acceptance status during the second full week of May 2024.

We will be reaching out via the emails provided for the student and parent/guardian listed on the application. 



Reach out to Program Director, Kayla Clark at