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Management Academy

Management Academy exists to enhance the value and productivity of key business managers through personal development, collaborative learning, tools and techniques, networking and mentoring, transforming them into stronger leaders for their organizations and the community.


Applications for MA-14 (starting Fall 2023) are now open! Apply here.

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Annual ten-month program designed for leaders who manage significant, high-impact teams. Management Academy functions in a classroom setting and exists to enhance the value of even the best leaders. By exposing class members to local thought leaders and analyzing results-driven systems, Management Academy serves as the premier business leadership training academy in our area.


Program Content

Over ten years ago, a steering committee of local, experienced business leaders came together and created a syllabus outlining the essential skills they wanted to offer the managers and leaders in their organizations. From this brainstorming session, Leadership Greater Huntsville's Management Academy emerged.

Management Academy program days are organized  around a different management or leadership topic each month. The content is presented through panel discussions, slide presentations, case studies, book reviews, storytelling, and skills exercises led by local business and community leaders who are subject matter experts in their fields.


Application & Selection

Applications for Management Academy Class 12 are currently closed. Applications for MA-13 will  open February 1, 2022. Before applying, please check next year's program dates to be sure that you can commit to this time away from business and family. Note that all class members are expected to attend all sessions in their entirety. Applicants are typically notified of their acceptance into the class on or before July 15 of the application year.


Management Academy Class 13

Orientation: August 15 & 16, 2022

Leadership: September 20, 2022

Communications: October 18, 2022

Culture & Ethics: November 15, 2022

Finance & Operations: December 13, 2022

Managing Relationships: January 10, 2023

Motivation: February 14, 2023

Decision-Making: March 21, 2023

Change Management: April 18, 2023

Strategic Planning: May 9, 2023

Graduation: May 16, 2023


Target Candidates: Business managers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, civic volunteers, and leaders of all levels.


Tuition: $3,350



For more information, contact Management Academy Program Director: Taralyn Caudle at 256-520-6572.

porter, brady C

"Management Academy provided invaluable leadership tools which helped me as I transitioned into a business unit leadership role at my company, and couldn’t have come at a better time.  I found the Management Academy sessions in effective communication, motivation, team-building, and ethics particularly helpful and gained an incredible amount of insight from experienced leaders who had faced similar leadership challenges.  I’ve taken other leadership training in the past, but Management Academy was much more useful because we were learning from experienced leaders who were knowledgeable of our industry."


- Brady Porter, Management Academy Class 8, Director of Applied Engineering & Testing at Torch Technologies.