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What is LGH?

Identifying, educating, connecting, and inspiring leaders to serve our community.


An inclusive community of enlightened and engaged servant leaders.

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The Leadership Experience

Our Leadership Greater Huntsville programs provide access to community leaders and organizations while discussing topics as they relate to the community.  Classes include site visits, behind-the-scenes tours, and interactive Program Days that provide participants with a better understanding of our greater community and develop an appreciation of community resources ultimately resulting in engagement.


In addition, participants discuss servant-leadership principles and apply those theories in community-wide impact projects during their program year.  Topics and themes on program days include but are not limited to: Economic Base, Judicial/Law Enforcement, Local, State and Federal Governments, Alabama History and Growth, Simulated Society, Health & Human Services, Education, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, and Quality of Life.


Sessions expose participants to a variety of perspectives, illustrating the broad array of economic, political, educational and social factors at work on all community levels.  Established community leaders coordinate each program and help class participants become more educated and more prepared for service to our community.

Our Programs


Flagship Program Overview

Annual Flagship ten-month program designed for established senior leaders who have demonstrated leadership experience and proven success over significant        business operations. Flagship provides in-depth knowledge of our community and facilitates small group projects that give back.

In addition to opening and closing retreat, the program spends eight days highlighting greater Huntsville. Participants examine the Economic Base/Innovation, Education, Human Services, Healthcare, Local, State and Federal Government and Public Safety. To support this goal, small-group projects are developed to immediately impact change throughout the community. Leadership Flagship is an intense, immersive group learning experience that stresses the importance of leadership through service and provides an opportunity for community collaboration.

For more detailed info or to apply for our Flagship program click here.



Connect Program Overview

An annual ten-month program designed for emerging leaders who are passionate about our community and ready to fully invest. Connect provides professional        development segments, jam-packed program days, and links groups of participants to non-profits and organizations that will benefit from their involvement and      perspective.

 Connect runs from August through May with participants meeting one or two times per month, usually between the hours of 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. Each Program Day focuses on one area of the overall community with topics such as Servant Leadership, Economic Development, Education, Healthcare, Human Services, Local, State

and Federal Government, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Workplace Assessments, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Innovation, and Team Building.

For more detailed info or to apply for our Connect program click here.


Management Academy Program Overview

Annual ten-month program designed for leaders who manage significant, high-impact teams. Management Academy functions in a classroom setting and exists to enhance the value of even the best leaders. By exposing class members to local thought leaders and analyzing results-driven systems, Management Academy serves as the premier business leadership training academy in our area.

Over ten years ago, a steering committee of local, experienced business leaders came together and created a syllabus outlining the major skills they would want to offer the managers and leaders in their organizations. From this brainstorming session, Leadership Greater Huntsville's Management Academy emerged. Management Academy program days are organized and designed around a particular management/leadership skill or topic, including communications, culture and ethics, finance and operations, managing relationships, motivation, change management, decision-making, and strategic planning. The content is presented through panel discussions, slide presentations, case studies, book reviews, storytelling, and skills exercises led by local business and community leaders who are subject matter experts in their fields.

For more detailed info or to apply for our Management Academy program click here.



Focus Program Overview

An interactive, two-and-a-half-day program designed for individuals who are new to the region, want a refresh on what's happening throughout our community or desire to dig into the Leadership Greater Huntsville experience through a smaller time commitment. Focus introduces participants to the challenges and possibilities our area faces through a fast-paced, immersive experience.

Anyone is welcome to apply for Focus! From newcomers to native residents of greater Huntsville, we know you’ll enjoy this fascinating insider’s look at our community. Classes include participants from diverse backgrounds and all sectors of the community. Busy executives, civic volunteers, retirees, small business owners, young professionals, and nonprofit leaders all participate in Focus on a yearly basis. Meet and network with top local leaders, Learn how to get plugged into our community, and Explore all facets of the community from our local economy, health care, local government, education, and much more!

      For more detailed info or to apply for our Focus program click here.