The “leadership experience” provides participants access to community leaders, hot-topic discussions, site tours and interactive panel interviews across all community sectors. This annual 10-month program for adults emphasizes learning through experience and provides in-depth knowledge and tools to network and better serve the community.


I applied for Leadership ten years after having served as the Mayor of Huntsville. My application was due to a belief that I could share experiences with future leaders and not to gain much knowledge myself. It was a pleasant surprise that I was able to accomplish both, as well as to solidify many great friendships that will last. My expectations were exceeded by a large amount.
- Steve Hettinger, L-20 and F-14


In addition to opening and closing retreat, the program spends eight days highlighting Huntsville/Madison County’s major community sectors. Participants examine the Economic Base, Education, Healthcare, Local, State and Federal Government and Public Safety and will participate in various simulations to highlight the plight of the poor in the Madison County area in order to become well informed agents of change. To support this goal, small-group projects are developed to immediately impact change throughout Huntsville and Madison County. The Leadership program stresses the importance of leadership through service. To support this goal, woven into the class curriculum are small group projects.


Class participants come from every sector in our community and are selected by a committee of Leadership graduates based on the following criteria: High standards of personal integrity, record of achievement in community activities, a desire to increase community involvement, the ability to set and attain goals as demonstrated by significant career/personal achievement, the commitment of necessary time and effort to complete the program and representation from a cross-section of the population.

Flagship Class 31

August 2017 –May 2018

The application for L-31 is CLOSED.  Please click here to be notified when applications open for L-32.

Program DirectorLyndsay Ferguson, (256) 489-2281, ext 301

Target Candidates: CEOs, VPs, Non-profit EDs (Federal – SES, GS 13 – 15, 06+)

Tuition: $4,850

Objective: 10-month program (one day per month) that focuses on community issues and practical application of servant leadership. Includes overnight opening & closing retreat.

2017-18 Program Dates

Opening Retreat:  August 3-5, 2017
Program Day: August 23, 2017
Program Day: September 13, 2017
Program Day: October 18, 2017
Program Day: November 8, 2017
Program Day: December 6, 2017
Program Day: January 10, 2018
Program Day: February 7, 2018
Program Day: March 7, 2018
Program Day: April 4, 2018
Closing Retreat: May 2-5, 2018