Management Academy serves as this community's premier business leadership training program. Enhance the value and productivity of your best managers by transforming them into better leaders as they learn from local, proven business leaders. 


"Leadership has developed a great program covering key aspects of leadership in a format to facilitate immediate application in the work place. Inergi is a small company with limited training resources. This program gave me a good 'leadership toolbox', which has been applied in many ways at Inergi."
-Kathy Ciliax, Management Academy 1


A steering committee of experienced business leaders of local companies came together and shared what they would want to offer the managers in their companies. From this brainstorming session, they developed a list of the major skills that were most important, and designed each program day around a particular leadership skill. This list includes such topics as team building, effective leadership skills, marketing, finance, motivating employees, and strategic planning. The course includes panel discussions, case studies, skills exercises, and, to offer the best results for the participants, a key objective of the program is to supply participants with mentors for specific career counsel.


Being a graduate of a LHMC program is not a prerequisite, but applicants must be nominated for Management Academy by their employer. Class members are expected to attend all sessions in their entirety, exception for emergencies. Before applying, please check the upcoming dates to be sure that you can commit to this time away from business and family. Course will include selected reading assignments - books, articles, case studies, etc. Five slots in the class are saved for non-profit, public, or government organizations and preference given to Madison County candidates whose companies do not offer formal management training.

Management Academy 

Class 8 Information

August 2017 –June 2018

Contact:Program Director Mary Stewart or (256) 489-2281, ext. 303 

Target Candidates: Small Business CEOs, VPs, Non-profit EDs, Mid-level managers (need to have major supervisory authority) (Federal - GS-13+, O5+) with no formal internal or local training department

Tuition: $3,350 

Objective: Desiged to enhance the value and productivity of your best managers by transforming them into better leaders as they learn from 100 + local, proven business leaders.

All applicants must have two references from a LHMC program graduate. 
Application deadline: July 7, 2017


2017-18 Program Dates:

Orientation: August 27, 2017
Program Day: September 19, 2017
Program Day: October 17, 2017
Program Day: November 14, 2017
Program Day: December 12, 2017
Program Day: January 16, 2018
Program Day: February 13, 2018
Program Day: March 13, 2018
Program Day: April 10, 2018
Program Day: May 8, 2018
Graduation: June 5, 2018



2015 - 2016 Speakers & Sample Agendas